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Handbook of Emotion Regulation, Second Edition

Handbook of Emotion Regulation, Second Edition by

Handbook of Emotion Regulation, Second Edition

Download Handbook of Emotion Regulation, Second Edition

Handbook of Emotion Regulation, Second Edition ebook
Publisher: Guilford Publications, Inc.
Page: 669
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9781462503506

Feb 19, 2013 - By Héfer Bembenutty, Queens College of The City University of New York. Handbook of Self-regulation: Research, Theory, and Applications (2nd ed.) by Kathleen D. Baumeister examines the conscious and nonconscious processes by which individuals regulate their thoughts, feelings, attention, behavior, and impulses. Specifically, the Family Adaptation and Cohesion Evaluation Scales II-Family version Perceptions and congruence of symptoms and communication among second-generation Cambodian youth and parents: A matched-control design. Gross (Ed.), Handbook of emotion regulation (pp. Apr 15, 2008 - Unique Identifier: 2008-03910-006; Title: Volunteer client adult attachment, memory for in-session emotion, and mood awareness: An affect regulation perspective. Oct 15, 2010 - The present study tested a theoretical model of emotion regulation (Yap, Sheeber, & Allen, 2007) in a sample of Asian American and European American college students (N = 365). Try eTextbooks risk-free with a free trial. Shaver (Eds.), Handbook of attachment (pp. Individual variations in self-regulatory Handbook of Emotion Regulation by James J. Gross gives complete road map of the necessary and quickly growing discipline of emotion regulation. Nov 30, 2010 - The book is divided into seven sections: Foundations; Biological Bases; Cognitive Foundations; Developmental Approaches; Personality Processes and Individual Differences; Social Approaches; and Clinical Applications. Feb 3, 2012 - Save more on Handbook of Psychology, Volume 5, Personality and Social Psychology, 2nd Edition, 9780470647769. Nov 25, 2012 - Handbook of Self-Regulation: Research, Theory and Applications 2nd Edition by Kathleen D. Rent college textbooks as an eBook.

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